Tooling System Provision


Assembly Fixtures

Design and Manufacture Assembly Fixtures and ICY Media:

  • Large Assembly Fixtures
  • Sub Assembly Fixtures 
  • Medium and Small Assembly Fixtures


Test Rigs

Design, Stress Analysis and Manufacture of Test Rigs:

  • Static Test
  • Dynamic Test
  • Torsional Test Rigs
  • Tensile and Compression Test Rigs
  • Deflection Test Rigs


Composite Mould Tooling

Design and Manufacture Composite Mould Tooling: 

  • Steel Mould Tools
  • Carbon Mould Tools
  • Invar Mould Tools

Tooling System Provision


Rout Fixtures

Design and Manufacture of Rout Fixtures:

  • 5 Axis Vac and Rout Fixtures Composites
  • 5 Axis Rout Fixtures For Metallic Components
  • Traditional Rout Fixtures with Guide Rails


Weld Tools

Design and Manufacture Weld Tooling:

  • Argon Weld Fixtures
  • Weld Fixtures
  • Laser Weld Fixtures


Press Form Tooling

Design and Manufacture of Press Tools:

  • Rubber Press Form Tooling
  • Die Set Tooling
  • Bulge Form Tooling
  • Form Tooling
  • Stretch Form Tooling

Tooling System Provision


Machining Fixtures

Design and Manufacture of Machine Fixtures:

  • Hydraulic Machining Fixtures
  • Pneumatic Machining
  • Zero Point Location
  • Traditional Machining Fixtures


Operational Tooling

Design and Manufacture Operational Tooling:

  • Concentric Drill Templates
  • Drill Jigs/ Drill & Trim Fixtures
  • Laser Trim Fixtures
  • Marking Out Templates
  • Set Gauges
  • Interchangeability Gauges
  • Datum Setting Gauges
  • Profile Gauges


Lifting & Material Handling Equipment

Design and Manufacture Lifting and M&H Solutions:

  • Lifting Equipment
  • Material handling solutions
  • CE Marking and Stress Analysis Documentation
  • Proof Loading Certification

Tooling System Provision


Trolley and Transportation Media

Design and Manufacture:

  • Transportation Media
  • Trolley Media


Large Weld Fixtures

Design and Manufacture:

  • Large Weld Fixtures
  • Automated Weld Fixtures


Large Machining Fixtures

 Design and Manufacture:

  • Large Machining Fixtures